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Legislation Law no 17/2000 gives the definition of an aged person: is a person who has the age of retirement indicated by law. Aged people have the right to have access to social assistance depending on the socio-medical situation and economic resources o ..
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Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 7 (2). pp. 55-76. DOI 10.14267/CJSSP.2016.02.03 Vári-Szilágyi, Ibolya and Solymosi, Zsuzsa (2016) Social representations of success in different professional strata. Corvinus Journal of Sociol
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Woolcock, Michael 2000: The Place of Social Capital in Understanding Social and Economic Outcomes. Human Resources Development Canada and the OECD, International Symposium. The Contribution of Humanand Social Capital to Sustained Economic Growth and Well ..
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First, it illustrates the possibilities of a general information history terminology usage, while talking about the well-known stages of history of medicine. After identifying the five main parts of a (social) information cycle we get a very profitable co ..
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PUTNAM, Robert D. 1995 Tuning In, Tuning Out: The Strange Disappearance of Social Capital in America [Ráhangol, Kikapcsol: A társadalmi tőke különös eltűnése Amerikában]. The 1995 Ithiel ...
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Továbbiak Amit mások mondanak" Ballroom Dancing Has actually Never Been Hotter. Ballroom Dancing has never ever been hotter than it is now ever since Dancing with the Stars stru
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Cultural Dimensions, Collective Values and their Importance for Institutions Article in Journal of Comparative Economics 41(2) · September 2012 with 88 Reads DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.1743205 ..
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Forrás: Social Capital, 2002 9. old. Látható, hogy a társadalmi tőkére gyakorlatilag nem történt hivatkozás a Coleman cikk (1988) előtt, illetve, hogy Putnam olasz, de különösen amerikai
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social capital is manifested in the totality of the relations between elements (actors of the economy and society) forming the network not in the elements themselves (e.g. human capital). This is a resource which influences the social and economic process
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A suitable approach, illustrated in research work on civil society (e.g. Putnam, 2000) (8 ), is ‘social capital’, to which voluntary activity makes a significant contribution. A civil társadalommal foglalkozó ku ..

Gábor Dániel Nagy: FAITH-BASED SOCIAL CAPITAL IN CENTRAL AND EAST-EUROPE 1. Introduction 2. James S. Coleman on the relationship between religion and social capital 3. Robert D. Putnam on religion and social capital 4. Robert Bellah and the
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Szles krben ismertt vltak az erre alkalmazott angol (computers andsociety, social impacts of computing, social issues of computing s social analysis ofcomputing), illetve francia (linformatization de socit) kifejezsek, de ennek a krdskr-nek a mai napig ne ..
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Teaching the mental and social aspects of medicine in Eastern Europe: Role of the WHO definition of health. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 26, 435—438. ..
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Education and Investment in Human Capital. ... of and pathways through postbaccalaureate education contribute to social stratification. ... with average education (Helliwell and Putnam (2007 ... ..
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Nyissunk be a tanterembe 3. ktet N yi ss un k be N yi ss un k be a ta nt er em be ! a ta nt er em be ! 3. k t et 3. k t et T h o m as L . G o o d Je re E .
It is considered as a collective resource following Putnam s theory. However the situation is that social capital an essentially contested concept : there are unresolved problems and ambiguity concerning the level of definition and operationalisation. ..
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Roberto Camagni was the first (and also, so far, the last) who made efforts to elaborate a comprehensive definition of territorial capital and the taxonomy of its components. Owing to his theoretical endeavor a model evolved which is capable – accor ..
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20) Szoftvertechnológia (Software Engineering, SE = t) [Kozma 2003, Sike 2003, Sommerville 2004]. 21) Társadalom, szakma (Social and Professional Issues, SP = u) [Khosrow-Pour 2005, Knuth 2000, Ralston 2000, Wikipedia 2006]. 22) Szoftverminő
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Skrabski Á, Kopp, M., Kawachi, I (2004) Social Capital and Collective Efficacy in Hungary: Cross-sectional Associations with Middle-Aged Female and Male Mortality Rates, Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. ..
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The performance of Chinese way of drifting away from redistribution to market arguable had less social costs and more social and economic returns than the neo-liberal and neo-patrimonial trajectory. ..
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